• Jackson-Leigh Rathbone

July - South West, QLD, Freedom Tour

I always love coming back from a trip, car covered in dust, carpet full of grass, empty water bottles in the footwells; evidence the gospel has been preached. I pray that God sends nourishment as souls wrestle with the truth, ultimately bowing to King Jesus.

I am pleased to report; the Gospel has been preached faithfully throughout various places in regional Queensland. I am asking that you join me in praying and pressing for more fruit.

Josh, Braid, Joey, J-L and Sam.

I took a team of brothers out through South West QLD, into (for me) some uncharted territory. Thanks to the opening and platform created by music, we were able to establish some meaningful connections in both churches and outback hotels.

There is nothing like playing in Church Sunday morning then in the Local Hotel on Sunday Night - that is right. The same Gospel brings the same saving and healing power to whatever circumstance. We played in several remote hotels earning good favour with owners and patrons. Although it was evident that our message of hope did not always dovetail with some of the opinions of hotel patrons, I am pleased that they have, at very least, heard the truth of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We saw several healings on the way, including one lady in a wheelchair who felt tingles down her legs after we prayed, she was whipped away by a disgruntled carer before we could finish the Job - get them, Lord Jesus!

We delivered the Gospel throughout the (music) sets we played at each hotel. As indicated, some patrons, I believe, were confronted by the truth and left. However, many were at least open to listening to our testimony through song and word. I thank my guys here, who worked well together making quick and deep connections with many listeners.

JKok ev. ministries now has some solid connections and rapport with Hotel owners. God is making way for us, via quality, well-crafted music, to preach the uncompromised Gospel in pubs in outback Australia - I am thankful for this favour, may it continue. This model of outreach is a personal pursuit and a dream of mine; I am beginning to see it bare fruit.

Charleville COC, Charleville, QLD

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