• Jackson-Leigh Rathbone

September - Update 1

Greetings, I pray you are well, full of life and inspiration. I thank the Lord for you, and all you do in prayer and support. I come to you with a brief update for the first half of this month, September.


The Lord has been moving powerfully in our community, Gympie and the surrounds. As mentioned in my last update, we have continued to intensify our outreach commitment in town. We have seen a number receive salvation and many form positivity relationships. Apart from the day to day witness, our weekly skatepark outreach and monthly meetings in the town park, in cooperation with (church) New Life Collective, have seen continued momentum. I cannot overstate the need for the gospel and Kingdom engagement amongst the youth in our town.

I am grateful for our Kingdom family around the area, who consistently love and serve Jesus; Each uniquely gifted, finding their groove. It is a pleasure to serve alongside enthusiastic, generous and diligent workers who exalt King Jesus in word and deed. I thank the work of Kim and Cheree Hughes (New Life Collective) and, Joel and Emily Edwards (Dayspring Farm, hosts of many events), among others, for their partnership and commitment in current and future projects. I mention Casie Webb, who in particular, has welcomed increased responsibility for the skatepark outreach, emanating the love of Jesus so profoundly. Please continue to pray for this branch of ministry. There are so many in need of Jesus; in need of healing, freedom from addiction and anger.

Ministry Introduction Video

I am pleased to present to you our ministry introduction video. Although brief, it captures the heart of JESUS King of Kings Ev. M. This video is a valuable tool in communicating our message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank James Wood for his quality work - see for details.

Looking Forward

I have several projects on the horizon. October's, Far North, QLD trip is less than a month away. I will be heading up with Freedom Tour. I am anticipating a time filled with Holy Spirit encounter as we deliver the Gospel of hope. I'm excited to be venturing into new territory, forming new Kingdom partnerships and sowing the Gospel in new ground. Additionally, I am linking with several other Kingdom projects, throughout QLD, all of which I will keep you noti