• Jackson-Leigh Rathbone

October Update

Dear Friends,

I pray you are well and full of the Joy of the Lord. It is my pleasure to bring you a brief update concerning some of our current and future movements.

God continues to move powerful in town through our weekly outreach meetings, teachings and worship evenings. Many are experiencing the love of Christ, His healing power, and coming to know Him as Lord and saviour.

Preparation for Freedom Music Festival is well underway. I am greatly anticipating a rich harvest. With the Lord's grace, we've able to assemble a great team, line-up of emerging and established artists and suitable precinct.

During November, we have five planned outreaches within a 1-hour radius of the event. This will ensure the word is out, the Gospel is preached, and the ground tilled in the lead-up. A team of intercessors have begun seeking the Lord in preparation.

Freedom Music Festival is a faith-driven and based event from start to finish. It is the largest scale event of the ministry to date, it requires a great deal of prayer, financial commitment and administrated effort, not to mention the practical tasks. Once again, I express my gratitude to you and my (volunteer) team.

Please be sure to stay up to date will media in the lead-up to FMF. I greatly appreciate your prayers and support concerning the First FMF. Please visit for tickets.

2020 Vision, CfaN USA

Come January I will travel to the United States for a 6-month stint with Christ for all Nations. I have been selected (yes, but more than this, called) to attend the first Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp, January - June 2020, Orlando, Florida. The CfaN Bootcamp is to provide specific, preparation, instruction and experience conducting mass crusades. If you are unfamiliar with the ministry of CfaN, click here to see them in action.

The Ministry of CfaN, Reinhard Bonnke in particular, formed a large part in the shaping of my understanding of the Gospel and evangelism. Hence, I believe this opportunity, though it may be demanding, is a dovetail fit for myself and JKoK’s assignment. The six months is to be composed of instruction, impartation, service and outreaches, including a stint in Africa.

Importantly, I have sensed the Lord leading me into a season of service, through an entity other than mine (JKOK). I truly believe He has arranged the opportunity for me to glean from one of the most excellent mass harvest ministries in the world (79million registered decisions for Christ since 1987). I believe God provides situations for us to be trained and equipped in an accelerated fashion - I'm all in.

Further to this, the United States has formed part of the vision for many years, more specifically, since I established the ministry in 2018. I am excited to be preaching the Gospel In the USA. As you may appreciate, this venture has a variety of practical implications, but, as you know, we serve a mighty