• Jackson-Leigh Rathbone

December Newsletter

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It's with joy that I send this brief update — what a fabulous couple of months. God is good; the day is new, filled with new mercy. Undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, joys in life is the daily experience of knowing God. He is amazing. He is creative, romantic, life-giving, hope-creating; He is the farthest thing from religious. He is wonderful.

During November and December, we've been out in towns, around the Gympie, Sunshine Coast and South Burnett region in the lead up to Freedom Music Festival. We saw many people touched by the Gospel and much gospel seed sown. We continue to encounter folks from all walks of life. It amazes me, no matter the need, the Gospel is the answer to every situation. The Blood of Jesus is able to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, His broken body able to heal every wound.

We continue to see breakthrough in town (Gympie) with the softening of young hearts to the Gospel. On a personal note, I remember, vividly, arriving in Gympie around four years ago. The very first time I visited my heart was moved, for particularly the lost young ones around town, much like the lost boys who hung with Peter Pan. Many of these fatherless ones now have the most wonderful Father of all. We continue to walk with them, and God makes available, connections and avenues for follow up. What God is doing is much richer than ministry connections; we are seeing God build a family. We are seeing Him restore what the locusts have eaten. Rather than a sterile ministry institution or machine, God is breathing life into what was dead. He is giving hope and purpose to these young, previously wandering young ones - Glory to God. My deepest gratitude for the friends and family that surround this Kingdom movement - you are wonderful.

Freedom Music Festival

JKoKEV's inaugural Freedom Music Festival was a fabulous success. People came, God moved, and the captives were set free. I'm so grateful to our incredible team who, not only worked diligently and gave generously, but gelled together like no other. One of my greatest joys is seeing the Kingdom of Heaven manifest on earth. I believe it brings joy to the Father's heart when His children operate in the 'body-like' fashion that He intended from before the dawn of time.