• Jackson-Leigh Rathbone

April Newsletter

I write to you from Orlando, Florida, I pray you are blessed as you receive this update. I thank you on behalf of all who are connected to our ministry. Your prayers and support are vital in the Kingdom of heaven. Even at this time, we are seeing people saved, healed and blessed. I feel many of us are being trained and schooled in the things of God in preparation for the next season. You make this possible; without your continued loyal partnership, we would neither be seeing the fruit nor laying the foundation for the great harvest that it is coming. We have much on the go; CfaN BootCamp (J-L USA), Freedom Tour Online, preparations for Freedom Tour and Freedom Music Festival December 2020. My sincerest thanks for your ongoing commitment to the Gospel.

I feel People are hungry for the gospel; many are seeking the truth, and we have the answer. I share one encounter I had with a shopfloor worker in a grocery store. I thanked him for the job he was doing; he preceded to express his despair and hopelessness. The Lord Jesus touched him powerfully, bringing him to tears in the isle of the shop. He surrendered his life to Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit; all glory to God.

Freedom Tour

Braid and his crew are doing a fantastic job engaging with the online platform, preaching the gospel through hosting our online Freedom Tour.

Be sure to keep up with Freedom Tour Online until which time we can hit the ground running.

Feature: Street Eagles w/ Casie Webb

As you would appreciate, it has been difficult to minister in our usual capacity at present due to the lockdown. Casie Webb (SE Leader) shared some reflections with us concerning our Street Eagles ministry and broader kingdom concepts. Casie expressed a great need for the fullness of the gospel, the power to touch the broken and introduce them to true hope. Casie highlighted the need for all believers to recognise the responsibility to love the one in front of them, displaying the heart of Jesus. She suggests that Christian's are not to be