February Newsletter

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I pray you are well; it is my pleasure to come to with a brief update. I pray that you know the love of God, His fresh mercy and His good grace.

Firstly, I communicate my most profound gratitude as you continue to walk in faith, daily, to see the name of Jesus Glorified. I am reminded of the operational necessity and beauty of the body of Christ. Furthermore, and importantly, our works don't happen without you or King Jesus - it truly is a 'commission'. So, thank you and glory to God in the highest.

CfaN Boot Camp Orlando, Florida - J-L Rathbone

While our work in Australia continues, I remain in Orlando, Florida at the CfaN Bootcamp. I must stress, while in some sense this is a training phase, the preaching the gospel is in no way on hold. As a cohort, many salvations and healings have taken place during weekly outreaches and day-to-day encounters. Furthermore, the fellowship of the Bootcamp gathering is a blessing - what a privilege to be surrounded by many gifted men and women, who sincerely love Jesus. Additionally, the breadth and depth of gifting, teaching an training offered thus far by CfaN has been second to none.

On the horizon looms our boot camp initiation trip to Kenya. Teams of evangelists conducting small crusade style outreaches, preaching in schools and one-to-one outreach will infiltrate much of Kenya with the Good News. The upcoming trip to Kenya presents a tremendous opportunity to see thousands saved. There are numerous, hefty expenses and items to coordinate to make this opportunity a reality. I invite you to please pray for my time here in Orlando and the various costs and needs associated with Kenya.

Street Eagles - Gympie outreach

It is with joy I remind you of our ongoing work, particularly amongst the youth of Gympie. Our Street Eagles Team faithfully sowing love, peace and joy into tens of young people weekly, some of whom are without parents, some drug and alcohol affected. Also, we are well underway with our Friday youth discipleship gatherings where our young guys continue to see breakthrough and greater freedom in Jesus' name. Please keep a watch out in coming weeks for a more in-depth Street Eagles report.

Freedom Tour

Braid Rathbone and his team are set to roll as Freedom Tour 2020 gets underway. First stop, Forestville in greater S